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Jeff English

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Shawn Beckert mused:
Hmmm. Amtrak to Chicago...what year would I get there?
Depends when you leave. If you're coming from the west, get off in
Naperville and avoid all the terminal delays at Union Station.
Indeed, the consolation for those taking two nights from the
west coast is that both routes from California stop right in
Naperville. While the overnight trains from the east coast terminate
in downtown Chicago, the Metra service from there to Naperville is
very good. In both cases, the Holiday Inn provides free pick-up and
drop-off at the N'ville station. It's a 5 - 10 min drive.
Not worth two nights from the west coast? Can't take a day
out of your busy life to see railroading up close and personal,
including lots of freight cars (obligatory content)? I feel sorry for

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