Re: More with freight car classes

Jeff English

Just to clarify, NYC's system of identifying freight cars by lot
number was not, strictly speaking, a classification system. There
are many examples of identical cars with different lot numbers
(because they were built in separate lots; what a concept!), and the
matter of rebuilds complicates things quite a bit. Some
substantially rebuilt cars retained their original lot number, while
other rebuild programs assigned a new lot number to the resultant
outshopped cars.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

--- In STMFC@..., "Ferko" <destron@...> wrote:

So I've done a bit of 'quick' research, and have started putting
together a list of roads using in-house freight car classification

Following is the list of the RRs I've found classification systems
for. Just wondering if anyone could add to this?

These I've found have/had them for certain: B&O, NYC etc, NC&StL,
N&W, RDG, CB&Q etc, PRR, VGN, ATSF etc, UP etc, SP etc, SAL, ACL

I'm not certain on whether SLSF, C&O or WM used them; I've found
mentions here and there suggesting it, but no other evidence (yet,
anyways). Anyone know for sure either way?


Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, NC

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