Re: primer color

cj riley <cjriley42@...>

You may be able to find it at an auto parts store, since that shade is still
preferred for "rat rods".

CJ Riley

--- pierreoliver2003 <pierre.oliver@...> wrote:

It was also excellent for painted truck tires and rubber rims of
tank bogies. Haven't seen it in a very long time.
Pierre Oliver

--- In STMFC@..., Bud Rindfleisch <BlackDiamondRR@...>

Years back Pactra used to sell spray cans of primer
called "hot rod
primer". It was not black and not grey but a nice dark grey color
that I
liked better than weathered or grimy black and it was thin didn't hide details. Has anyone else used this and
do you
know if anyone else sells such a color today?
Bud Rindfleisch

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