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Matt Herson


The NP reefers in the 91500-91999 series had 6 foot door openings but no plug door. They had a normal hinged swing type door with the left door hinged to another section creating a 6 foot opening. The 6 foot opening was centered on the car side. NP built the cars in 1954 and was the largest group of steel reefers on the NP.

Matt Herson

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PFE and NP bought cars with these combination swing-plug doors -- the
PFE class was R-40-28. Tony Thompson probably can tell you the logic
behind the doors. It was not repeated on subsequent orders.

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> I noticed the unusual (to me) door arrangement on the PFE reefer (PFE
> 11303) pictured on the following link:
> The door appears to be a sliding plug door with a row of hinges to the
> right of the door.
> Can anyone provide more information about this door arrangement and how
> common it was?
> Thanks.
> Bob Chaparro
> Hemet, CA

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