Re: new HO fishbelly hopper?


Way to go, BeN!

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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Ed Mines wrote:
"The fall HistoricRail catalog lists a "new" 55-Ton 2-Bay
hopper (LV, p.2 7) with die cast underframe and slope sheets.

My recollection is that the Stewart car had a plastic undeframe and
stamped weights like the traditional Athearn cars. The car in the
picture looks like it has molded on ladders; the Stewart car had
separate ladders. Is this a new mold?"

Since nobody took up my challenge to order this car and report
findings, I ordered one off of the HistoricRail website. The
arrived yesterday, and what I received was one Atlas N scale 55
fishbelly hopper, stock number 41279. The catalog listing is
obviously in error, and despite the wishful thinking of some
of this list, this is NOT new tooling for an HO scale fishbelly

Ben Hom

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