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Frank Valoczy wrote:
"I know boxcars got everywhere imaginable - I have a photo from the
early 1960s of a Florida East Coast boxcar behind a BC Hydro Railway
locomotive in New Westminster - but what about other types of cars?
I assume things like ore cars wouldn't venture too far from their
home roads (or perhaps more likely, certain lines on their home
roads). To variegate the rolling stock collection, I'd like to add
non-boxcar types from foreign roads, perhaps distant ones, too, but
am not certain as to what travelled how far from home. Any insight
would be very appreciated."

Frank, the short answer is as follows:

- Flat cars and gons, though not as plentiful as boxcars, generally
shared similar use patterns with the exception of specially equipped

- Cars in coal service tended to be limited to specific regions.
Some cars are found far from home, but to far less an extent than

These are general guidelines only. For more details, check the
group archives, particularly the posts of Tim Gilbert, who analyzed
this subject at length.

Ben Hom

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