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I believe it went back as far as the early 50s when BAR changed their
reefer strategy. Their management concluded that
MDT would be unable to meet the seasonal demands and BAR purchased a
large lot of AFE'd wood cars from MDT
and laid in orders with PC&F for new equipment. Part of the
management justification for this was the cars could be used off-line
in the off-season.
The summer of 1952 would probably be the first season this was
evident. Whether PFE was a partner this far back I can
not ascertain. The wood reefers didn't last past the 50s, pretty good
since MDT was ready to scrap them before BAR stepped in.

FYI, I have quite a bit of the data on what MDT cars that went to BAR
but haven't had the time to put it all together. Possibly a future
candidate for one of the RPM meets

Roger Hinman

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High on my "wish list" of accurate ROSTERS is an accounting of all of
the BAR ice reefers -- new and second hand. There is conflicting data
from different published sources so I'd love to have an accurate
list. I
agree that publications have reported some of them to be ex-PFE, but
it would be nice to know if that is really true. :-)

The reason for my interest in BAR is that in the off-season for BAR
of BAR reefers (wood & steel) could be found in California, helping
PFE with the harvest rush. This was true in the 1960's but I don't
how far back the practice went.

Tim O'Connor

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According to "Northern New England Color Guide," some second-hand
cars went to BAR in the mid-60s (beyond the era of this list.)
Pages 19-20... some R-40-10, some R-40-14 apparently.

Scott Pitzer

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