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In today world of railroading, gons are NOT cleaned out from load to load, not that I see anyhow. I have seen the insides of steel gons with all sorts of debris in them. This ranges from wood used to secure previous loads to just plain and simple trash. There are gons that are in assigned service..That is the are assigned to serve a particular plant only. Many of the gons of this nature serve in a manner that scrap steel is brought into a plant and then finished product is hauled out in them. This is NOT to say that this is the case with ALL gons.

The Seaboard had gons that were steel sided and had drains at the bottoms of the side panels to allow the muck to flow out of the cars. Remember also that this was often the last type of service that the cars would be used in. Gons in stump service were just a couple of switches from heading the scrap yard or into MofW service.

Denis Blake
Marysville, OH

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Were gondola interiors ever cleaned? I think debris would accumulate
for many years before it was discarded.

For many high side, fixed end gons you would have to throw debris
over a side almost as tall as you were.

You couldn't sweep out drop bottom gons. The ends usually drop down
inside the car.

Were the interiors of mill gons painted? Mill products wouldn't do
much scratching.How about regular gons?

Has anyone ever seen a puddle in a gon or a picture of a gon? There
are no holes for drainage.

How about weeds growing? I think that the many Seaboard composite
gons were used to haul stumps to be made into turpentine. Certainlt
soil would was off when it rained.

In the era when most exposed steel rusted I can understand why some
railroads would order wood floors.

What do you guys use as debris in your models?

Where steel bands used in the steam era?


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