Re: R 40-10{BAR}

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Tim O'C. writes- the off-season for BAR lots of BAR reefers (wood & steel) could be found in California, helping the PFE with the harvest rush. This was true in the 1960's but I don't know
how far back the practice went.
During the '50s (c. 1953-7) a vivid stand-out memory for me were the seemingly almost pure-BAR fruit blocks being worked eastbound across Donner Pass by struggling pushing/pulling black widow F units in late September- long and sinuous trails of colorful squealing orange cars sharply contrasted against the dark green of the pines. and the yellowing aspen.

Pretty memorable, actually (both cars and locomotives were clean!).

Denny S. Anspach, MD

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