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They were used on local orders. Just considered as part of the general
pool of empty 40' cars. They had no different status then any other 40'
box car. If there was a greater need somewhere else that's where they

In the case of the glass plants at Streator IL they were served by more
than one road so the loads that came your way may have not been cars
you supplied. As long as they had a steady supply of empties it did not
matter to the shippers who either owned or supplied the cars. In the
case of a small elevator that only loaded about a dozen cars a week they
just took what they got.

Saw a list recently where the yard had written right on the consist provided
the Conductor what the elevators on his route had ordered. It amounted to
like 10 cars. Trouble is he was only given 3 empty box cars. Have no idea
how he set his priorities. The next day he might have 15.

Car supply was a constant ebb and flow between being short on cars to
having too many.


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If the cars were not returned "loaded or empty", what was their status.
Chuck Hladik

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