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The reason there is no RW&B is none of the BAR reefers carried this
scheme, only the RBs which
probably were of little use in California traffic. This may have been
the reason the blue and white scheme with the brown spud
on the older wooden cars didn't last long but were repainted orange.
All of the new purchased cars came in the orange

Roger Hinman

On Oct 20, 2007, at 11:19 AM, Brian J Carlson wrote:

Marty wrote:
I've hear for years about the "B&A reefers running in the off
out in California but have never seen a lot of photographic evidence
of B&A cars in service out West. Surely, someone would have spent a
frame or two on a red, white, and blue car in a sea of reefer yellow
and orange??????
Top photo on page 389 of the PFE book.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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