Re: Brake Hoses

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Denny wrote:
Over the years, I have schizophrenic about brake hoses. If they come
with the kit, I put them on, if they do not, or are not mentioned in
the instructions (surprising how many do not even today), I may not
install them, perhaps being secretly pleased to be spared a
perceived futile chore.
I hear you there...and uncoupler bars are in the same category. However, now
that I have enough cars to operate, future builds will include both

Well, try replicating this appearance with the plastic hoses-
sometimes you can get there almost, but usually not even close (in
this regard, one will have an easier time with hoses alongside
couplers with excessive striker/striker distance). In
contradistinction the brass hoses can be bent to order, replicating
the normal repose of the prototype brake hose.
I had not realized until a few years ago that brake hoses/valves are to be
mounted at 30 degrees clockwise from 90 degrees until a YV
brakeman/modeler/draftsman told me that after checking some of my YV
equipment drawings (check the Builder's Cycs).

Working with the brass hoses has not been all sunshine and roses.
They are very delicate, and although they will undergo the bending
that you want (and look great!), they will also snap off at the
valve, unless you are very, very careful.
I wonder if anealing them first might help....?

Jack Burgess

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