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Posted by: "Russ Strodtz" I'd like to make a few commnets on
Russ's post based on my recollections from the 60's when I was
involved with car distribution.

> Rob, The flat statement was made that these cars were sent
loaded or empty
back to Canada. I responded that that was not always the case and if
it was some kind of rule how was it implemented or enforced.

In my experience, use of waybills for empty general service cars
was the exception on most railroads. Usually such cars were moved in
accordance with car distribution orders on each railroad. There were
general CD orders that said what to do with each kind of empty, by
type and subtype and marks. The order might say to home route all
surplus cars of a type or a group of marks. The only time a memo bill
would be needed would be for an indirect connection car moving on
record rights to indicate the off-line juntion for that car. BTW,
suhc bills were not waybills in the legal sense, except for special
equipment governed by CSD's. We called the memo bills. They might be
simply an IBM card or other piece of paper that would be included in a
stack of real waybills.

From what I have seen empty cars were not accompanied by a waybill,
but by a card form. Maine Central called them Card Manifest for Empty
Car. The ones I have copies of come in a pad of 8 1/2 by 5 1/4 card
stock and contain all (most?) of the details on the routing of the car
to its home point.

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