Re: Brake Hoses

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Jack Burgess responds to the problem of the fine
PSC brass brake hoses occasionally snapping off
at the valve during bending-

I wonder if anealing them first might help....?

I have been wondering the very same thing.
Perhaps Tony T. can comment when he returns from
out of town today or tomorrow.

Prior to Jack Burgess' comments, I also did not
know about the proper 30º clockwise rotation of
the valve. This alone would distinctly help in
the proper orientation of the hoses, but it also
poses an additional bend unless one could get
away by mounting the particular bracket on the carbody at 30º. (Naw-w-w).

We all separately get pretty picky (read:
compulsive/obsessive) about particular parts of
our prototype freight car modeling, and mine is
increasingly how the cars look from the ends
(thin wheels, scale couplers, scale width coupler
boxes, hoses, coupler bars, etc.) while other
parts that respected others consider equally
essential go begging! However, I consider this
particular issue as a blow toward the logical end
of how these fine cars can then also be added up
to make a TRAIN, certainly a goal in our hobby,
and the appearance of which, in toto and in part,
is indeed also worthy of the real thing.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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