Re: Brake Hoses

Dennis Storzek <destorzek@...>


I think you already have the answer to your quest in sight. You've
established a working relationship with Precision Scale Co. PSC will
quote custom casting from your patterns, or have patterns made to your

The most common style bracket I can think of is a piece of flat bar
stock with a bend at each end. One end has a pair of rivets that
attach it to the bottom of the car end, the other end has a pair of
nuts that hold the U bolt that captures the angle cock body on the
prototype. Should be a pretty simple pattern. I think I'd leave the U
bolt off and just rely on solder to hold the hose, or perhaps include
it to hold the acetal DA hoses, but the U bolt will have to be
oversize; I don't think they can cast .006" diameter sections in
brass. On the other end I'd add a BIG A$$ (that's a technical term,
folks) mounting pin, maybe .025" or .030" diameter and about .100"
long that can be glued into a hole drilled in the end of the car. The
pins would be the connection to the casting "tree" similar to NBW

The pattern needs to be brass, but you should only need one. They'll
replicate it numerous times via spin casting to produce the master for
a little tree, then make a rubber mold of the master tree to produce
the waxes for the production trees. Contract for a run, and your
problem is solved. Give them the rights to the pattern, and perhaps
they'll put it in their line and our problem will be solved, too.


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