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I have not model a scale house setup, but I have seen it done before.
The modeler had used a postal scale kind of like a diet scale (sorry for the dirty 4 letter word). The scale was mounted in a cut out under the layout, He could roll or push a car on to the track and weight the car. there was an adjuster know to use to keep the track level with rest of the track. The last time I saw the layout, he was planning to change it to a digital scale with the readout face inside the scale house. This way the scale did not have to be on the front edge of the layout. I think that there has been articles in either MR or MRC about doing a working scale house. I know that this part of the operation became very time consuming and end up being used only on special operating nights. He also had a test car that he had weighed at the Post Office, they gave him the weight slip which he mounted on the wall. The scale was the calibrated to the test car. Since the cars never really change in weight, he had a cheat sheet which listed each car with a weight for
different loads to be used for the records for the train. On nights when there were enough people to run trains, it was fun, somebody got the job of Scale House Master and that all they would do, weigh the cars and paper work. After the train was assembled the Road Master had to provide enough locomotive with the proper traction effert and horsepower to pull it.

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First off, this will be my first post. I joined this past week. Over the past two years I've narrowed down my modeling to a very specific area and era to the point I've been Ebaying what doesn't fit, and check build dates on cars. So my stats? I'm planning on modeling the PRR's Northern Central in the 1940's between York and New Freedom, and if room would permit, go as far North as York Haven and as far south as Blue Mount/White Hall, MD. The biggest steam engine allowed on the line due to curves was an L1s 2-8-2, though ironically the Centipedes ran on it when they were in passenger service. This is my ultimate goal, at this point I still live at home and i'm the ripe old age of 23. In addition to the PRR I really like the Wild Mary, Ma & PA and most other Eastern Roads.

So, now that that's out of the way. I was wondering if anybody has really pushed the envelope in modeling/operations when it comes to track scales/scale cars. Unfortunatey right now there are no scale car models out there, the Walthers still floats around but is only "eh" in my opinion. The Stewart Products kits can be found occasionally, and are the best, second only to the Hallmark and Overland renditions.

I'm wondering if naybody has modeled a scale car, and if so, with a scale house has used in model railroad operations for "checking" scales. Additionally, does anyone use a track scale as a fully-integrated part of operating and had cars "weighed" as part of the movement on a layout.

Any responses would be appreciated. Right now I'm working on some scale house modeling projects and was curious to see what others have done.

Thanks for any responses.

Best Regards,

York, PA

York, PA
Crossroads of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Maryland & Pennsylvania and Western Maryland Railroads.

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