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Jeff English

Since I'm not sure if this list is being kept secret from the FCL,
but I thought both lists would find this info of interest, here's a
"blind copy" of my response to an inquiry prompted by an earlier
post of mine on the FCL:

"Dave & Libby Nelson" <> wrote:

Jeff, what are the starting and ending dates in your car movement

Dave Nelson
Dave, I'm copying my reply to your inquiry to the FCL so others
may know what I'm drawing from. It's a polyglot mix of data from:

Switch Lists for Train #9 westbound out of Alburgh, Vermont, 9-21-
42 through 12-31-42, 5443 cars

Report of Cars Arrived, Ordered, Placed & Released at Alburgh,
Vermont, 3-6-48 through 6-30-48, 574 cars

Report of Waybills Received at Ellenburg, NY, 7-2-51 through 8-28-
52, 1394 cars

Agent's notes on cars placed for interchange at Rouses Point, NY,
7-17-57 through 9-16-58, 2654 cars

Interchange Reports at Bellows Falls, Vermont, 1-1-61 through 9-
21-61, 9222 cars

Also a catch-all list which includes identifiable cars in photos at
locations on the Rutland and a smattering of individual waybills,
etc., for all eras up to 9-21-61 not present on my current hard disk,
1236 cars.
That makes a grand total of 20,523 cars.

I also have been sitting on a few boxes of papers for several
years now which I still need to digitize, including: more Switch
Lists for Train #9 at Alburgh, for random 6-month periods (that's
how they were bundled) in the 50s, and a complete 12-month set of
Interchange Reports for the year 1949 at Rouses Point, NY, where
the Rutland interchanged with the CN, CV, D&H and Napierville
Junction (D&H's Canadian subsidiary). This latter body of data
appears to be somewhere between 10 and 20 thousand cars by
itself, while the 6-month bundles contain about 5 to 8 thousand
cars' worth of data each.
I haven't worked on any of this since I started researching NYC
box cars in earnest.

Jeff English Troy, New York
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