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Schuyler wrote:

I know that John explained this, but I find the "keeping the cars in the correct orientation" isn't
a credible answer. But what are the characteristics of the "Walthers thread" (and what IS it,
anyway?)? Is the thread sufficiently flexible that the magnet, which is, if I get this right, flat
anyway, could flip over to be "correctly" oriented so as to be attracted to the other one? IOW,
self-correcting to a degree?


First, the cars don't need to be kept in any particular orientation. I don't
think I was very clear on that. But, it's not that the cars, themselves,
that need to?be polarized. <G>

Compare?it to Kadee coupler "air hose"?magnets - no specific
polarization needed.

I have yet to play around with Walthers "thread". I bought?one of
their telephone pole kits, hoping some of this thread might be?
included, but it appears the thread in that box is just that - thread.

I'm trying to get in touch with Dave. IIRC, WKW had this material
cataloged on a spool that could be purchased separately. But,
I have been unable to find it listed, and it hasn't crossed my mind
when I've talked to our buyer. I'll?do my best to track this down.

I've used the Berkshire Valley 700% stretchable material for trolley
pole retriever lines, but found it unsuitable for air hoses. 'Can't
recall the name they market it under - something like E-Z Line.
I have two spools of it on my desk at work - getting old stinks. <G>

I'll do my best to get the information together.


John Hitzeman
American Model Builders, Inc.
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