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Do you have any Idea what the cost of weighing each car is. They would some how find a way to not have to weigh each car. How many cars a day are we talking about? When the Un Pac was handling 50 cars of grizzly a day for a road project in Kansas we worked out an agreement and weighed 2 or three cars a week. This went on all summer.
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On Oct 23, 2007, at 4:14 PM, rockroll50401 wrote:

The bag machine was set up to tip off the bags at the proper weigh.
They would spot check bags on a scale to make sure the machine was
working properly. Beings they knew how much each bag weighed they could
calculate the total weight. But they weigh ever hopper of bulk product.
When trucks were allowed on site around 60 they weighed each of them
too. I'm sure for billing purposes. Now by the ton then by the barrel.
They probably switch from barrel to tons measurement because of the
switch to bulk loading.
Clark Propst

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