Re: B&LE cars


Dave and everyone,

Yeah, it must be what I'm seeing. It looks like the truck has wing-like
things sticking out to either side of the journal boxes.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

Also: on the same page of the book there's a picture of a 1952-built
hopper #62004, with trucks I've never seen before. Does anyone know
what type these are?
Frank, I dunno what's on that hopper as I don't have the photo but I do
that U.S. Steel was making car buying decisions for the railroads it owned
and that included the B&LE. To get to the point, in the early 50's USS
buying all the same hopper design for it's "roads" and many of those,
perhaps all, had clasp brakes attached to the trucks. Is that what you're

Dave Nelson

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