jim peters

To quote Tony Thompson from his message of Oct. 17, "Hmmm. Methinks someone protesteth too much. Don't get all defensive on us, _____. You're the guy who came to the list with this request, without visible evidence of said in-depth, non-superficial research."

Unfortunately the method used by this gentleman gets response from the members of this list; even if a couple do get their knickers in a knot. On the 11th of this month I posted a question asking assistance in finding the builder or builders of a group of boxcars. I included all the information I have plus references to photos. To date not one response or suggestion of where I might find more information, while the above mentioned topic received over a dozen replies.

As one well known comedian would say, touching the forefinger of his right hand to his forehead, "Hmmmmm".

Sorry, I had to vent my frustration; you all have a good day.

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC

And wish I was joining you in Naperville this weekend.
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