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Sometime other topics appear at the same time you make a request.
Sometimes these other topics, for whatever reason, generate more
interest and your request will get lost. I've put requests on
variious lists which have never received a response too, it happens.
Sometimes I post a similar message a second time.

I know nothing about Mexican box cars. But I did go back, read your
original message and check the links.

The photo in the first link was fairly clear, the others were not
very good. Fortunately, the first photo may tell the story.

According research presented by Ted Culotta at his seminars as well
as in the book "The Postwar Freight Car Fleet", only three railroads
had the version of the AAR Box car with a side sheathing arrangement
matching the car in the photo; Erie, PM, and C&O. Of these, I know
C&O had cars with the radial roof. So it appears that the cars are ex
C&O cars that have been refitted with power hand brakes and had their
side ladders replaced with hand grabs. The inside height of these
cars was 8"7". There is no evidence in the photo that the height
has been increased so the ORER listing appears to be in error.

Yankee Clipper (now F&C) made models of the C&O cars.

John King

--- In, jim peters <mikado2206@...> wrote:

To quote Tony Thompson from his message of Oct. 17, "Hmmm.
Methinks someone protesteth too much. Don't get all defensive on us,
_____. You're the guy who came to the list with this request,
without visible evidence of said in-depth, non-superficial research."

Unfortunately the method used by this gentleman gets response from
the members of this list; even if a couple do get their knickers in a
knot. On the 11th of this month I posted a question asking
assistance in finding the builder or builders of a group of boxcars.
I included all the information I have plus references to photos. To
date not one response or suggestion of where I might find more
information, while the above mentioned topic received over a dozen

As one well known comedian would say, touching the forefinger of
his right hand to his forehead, "Hmmmmm".

Sorry, I had to vent my frustration; you all have a good day.

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC

And wish I was joining you in Naperville this weekend.
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