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<On p22 of the Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars book, the pic of
has another set of trucks I've never seen before. Does anyone who
has this
book know what these trucks are?>

Does anyone know of a resource which would clarify the differences
freight trucks such as Dahlman, Barber, Symington Simplex etc.,
often referred
to collectively as Bettendorf? I am particularly interested in the
best use I
can make out of my Kadee "Bettendorf" #500 trucks with added # 441
but am also interested in what could be used to model other types
of trucks.
TIA Walt Cox

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The trucks in the PM photo could be a Vogt truck as described on page
473 of White's book of American Railroad Freight Cars.

On another subject. It was nice to see an entry from Rich Yoder. I was
beginning to think that I was the only O gager in this group.

Phil Marcus

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