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Skill level?That's a tough one.I build almost anything that is appropriate for the era that I model.........roughly 1948 to 1950.I scratch build as well as build resin kits.If a model is prototypically accurate,or reasonably close,I may buy it.I pay strict attention to the built date,reweigh dates etc.My car fleet is culled from time to time to better represent the period that I model.I use wheel reports and ORERs as my shopping list.I also try to adhere to percentages of roads as to size and location.Quess that is somewhat of a long answer to a short question .Armand Premo

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We need to know prototype era and scale.

What is the theme of the car fleet you are trying to balance? Home
road? Locale? Traffic?

What modeling skill level are you comfotable with? Traditional
Athearn plastic? Resin?

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I am striving to achieve some balance for my freight car
someone provide information as to the box car models available for
following roads:Rock Island,CNW,and IC ? Armand Premo

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