Re: L.V. Well car #9952


If someone wishes to see in service shots of LV #9952, then look in the
book "UINTAH RY. PICTORIAL" Vol. 1, by Rodger Polley (Sundance Pub.)
When the 3 foot gauge Uintah Ry. #50 2-6-6-2T was delivered from BLW in
Philadelphia to Mack, Colo. it was shipped on the top of #9952. It
arrived in July 1926 and is shown on page 86. Two years later, in April
1928, No. 51 2-6-6-2T was also shipped from BLW to Mack, Colo. also on
LV #9952. This is shown on page 91.

It is interesting to note when #50 was shipped, they laid ties and 3'
tracks on top of the well opening. When #51 was shipped, they removed
the front lead truck and rear trailing truck, and the drivers sit
partially in the well opening. The stack was not removed either time so
there must had been plenty of top clearance.

I wouldn't be surprised if Baldwin also used this same car for other
heavy narrow guage locomotive deliveries too.

Stan Schwedler

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