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Thanks for confirming that. Do you know what specific ores or minerals they
got at that site?

You are right about Westinghouse. They did get shipments, but I don't know
if you knew what they did at that site. It was some super-secret facility
involved in the nuclear sub effort, and I also understand perhaps nuclear
space applications, also (The Astro Nuclear Lab). Because it was so
secretive, I have been unable to even obtain any info as to what they might
have shipped in and out of there. It was originally the distilling facility
for Large Whiskey, later bought by Overholt; Westinghouse went in there and
bought the site sometime in the early 60's (my modeling period). I wish I
knew more about it.


The only ores we tested for were Chromium, Zinc and Molybdenum. So I would
think they were the only ones stored there. When the Homestead Works of US
Steel closed the site was closed.

You are correct the Westinghouse facility was a nuclear research center. It
was connect with the Navy's Bettis Atomic research Facility in West Mifflin.
They were the only sites in the county we could not access.



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