Builder information on D&M X128-129


A posting came up on the Railway Preservation News trying to ID the
provenience of a couple tank cars they (Steam Railroading Institute)
recently acquired. Pictures can be seen on the original posting at

Ideas? Hits or misses? If this is an off base question, my apologies
in advance.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

"The Steam Railroading Institute recently acquired two 8,000-gallon
riveted tanks of 1940's vintage. These cars were the former D&M X-128 and
X-129, and were stored for many years at Wenona Yard in Bay City,

We are in the midst of relettering these cars for restoration and photo
freight service. Below is a picture of the cars at SRI, and the only
historical images we have been able to find, taken in 1970's, and
courtesy of
Our question is this --- is there an existing database for tank cars of
this type? Clearly, one of the cars was a GATX car, the other we are not
entirely sure. Any help as to further history would be appreciated. We
are also actively looking for photos of tank cars of this type used by
Michigan industries, particularly Dow Chemical, etc. "


TJ Gaffney

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