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The destination was Owens-Illinois in Streator IL. That was also where they
bought the bottles from.


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Kalmback published "More Railroads You can Model", edited by Mike Schafer, in 1978. One of the articles was "Milwaukee Road's Beer Line" and a picture of an open hopper under the cullet shute at the new Schlitz bottling plant appears on page 48. The plant went into operation in early 1959, so it's just under the wire for the list. The photo is 1970s, but I'd guess cullet was a big product at the start of operations. Normally, one car was loaded per week, and during the summer, up to two cars per week were shipped to Chicago for recycling the broken glass. Another source for this information is "The Milwaukee Road's Beer Line" by Art Harnack, published as Special Publication Number 5 by the Milwaukee Road Historical Association.
Norm Larkin

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