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I forgot to mention, lest there be any confusion, that this is
NOT what happens when scrap steel is remelted. You don't get anything
like "pure iron," but simply the net of the alloying contents in the
scrap. Some impurities can be slagged off, but scrap is usually
segregated as to approximate alloy content (and is considerably less
valuable if not segregated), just so that the sometimes complex and
subtle adjustment of alloy content does not have to be done on a very
big scale.
I think John is confusing remelting of scrap, with
from raw materials.

Anthony Thompson
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

That reminds me of a message a while back, either here or on the Ry
Ops Industrial sig list, where a knowledgeable poster commented on the
vigilance mills now employ to keep radioactive scrap metal out of
their process, for fear of turning out an entire heat of radioactive
re-bar that would then have to be treated as HAZMAT waste.

Makes me wonder, with the level of quality control (or lack thereof )
currently coming to light in Chinese industry, just how many reactor
vessel parts went into the re-bar used in the Three Gorges dam project.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if it glows in the dark :-)


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