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There has been a discussion on the Railway Bullshippers group
concerning the cars owned by the Tovrea Packing Co. of Phoenix, AZ.?
They used the reporting marks TOVX from 1932 - 1938.? No one has
sucessfully identified what type reefer or manufacture of these
cars.? I don't have access to any of the appropriate ORER's to even
begin to describe them.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Rich Orr
I looked in a July 1937 ORER and the Tovrea Packing Co. cars are
listed as type RM. They were listed under the Mather Stock Car Co.
so would have been Mather reefers leased to Tovrea.

Cars No. 1015 to 1018 (total 3 cars) were 37' 5" long and car No.
1019 and 1020 (2 cars) were 41' 8" long.

I hope this helps. I would be interested in finding photos myself.

Stan Schwedler
Phoenix, AZ

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