Re: [SPAM] Re: Re: Cement Hoppers - Far Ranging or Mostly Home Road?

Schuyler Larrabee

From: timboconnor@...

Was it ILLEGAL to ship cement in bulk by truck before 1959???
That's just goofy!

Tim, I grew up just above the NY/PA border, and my family had occasion to travel into the wilds of
Pennsylvania from time to time. My memories of the roads there would lead me to think that the PUC
might well have been protecting the roadways and especially the bridges, not so much on the main
roads, but on the back roads. Once you let a truck out there, they can go anywhere, and Load Limit
signs on bridges are not exactly read very carefully by the local trucking drivers. It's possible
by '59, there had been sufficient work done to upgrade the highways so as to make it safe to let the
cement trucks (which are likely to be very heavy) out to roam freely on the roads.

This is in contrast to what I've seen of Pennsylvania's more rural roadways today, beyond the scope
of this list. They are good, well built and drained, and appear to be well maintained. Very, very
different from what I remember as a kid.


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