Re: IMWX v. IM 10' door hardware

Tim O'Connor

I think Speedwitch makes 10' doors with Camel roller lift devices also.
Joe Pennington made excellent replacement doors at one time for the
10' cars but I don't know what became of his masters...

Tim O'Connor

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From: jim peters <>

Count the valleys and not the ones with the rivets.

For the IMWX kits the doors supplied with the kit are fine or use Sylvan 5/6/5-S
and early Camel door fixtures. This will take you through all the '37 AAR cars
built for CN to 1946 (10'-0" IH) . . . A quick check of my CP references and I
can not see anything different.

Rob, if you're by Central Hobbies on Saturday stop in and say hello, I always
enjoy meeting fellow rivet counters.

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC

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