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Yea, the add is misleading (to me) I assume "post war" means post WW
II but the dates noted are PRE or during WW II. Also my calendar
showed that the 1st half of the 20th century was mostly pre war. So
what ARE the years of coverage?

Jerry Glow

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The NMRA Site says 1898 to 1947. I just received my
last week. I
think it is a have to own Book.

Not since the WWII years has the nation seen such an unprecedented
and variety of cars on the rails - until now! NMRAR's Postwar
Freight Car
Fleet hardcover book captures the beauty and historical
significance of this
prolific RR era so popular with today's modelers. Railroading
history comes
alive with Postwar Freight Car Fleet. Get your limited-edition copy
before it too becomes history.

. 350+ B&W archival photos of freight cars from 1898 - 1947

. Historical car design texts from the first half of the 20th

. Tables and graphs depicting company and private car ownership

. Authored by RR historians Larry Kline and Ted Culotta

Richard E. Morgan-Fine

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