Re: The location of the mysterious Hamlin, Minnesota

Thomas Baker

I don't remember the GN as having a yard by the name of Pig's Eye, but the Milwaukee certainly did, and my father-in-law worked the Midnight to eight shift there for many years.



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Hannibal Hamlin was Abraham Lincoln's first vice president. A former
Senator from Maine, he returned to the Senate after his retirement from the
vice presidency. Given Minnesota's enthusiastic support for the war effort,
it stands to reason that some settlement may have named itself for him
before it faded into obscurity. I don't think there's a relationship
between Hamlin and Hamline. Remember, St. Paul was once named Pig's Eye
before the respectable element took over, and I believe there's a GN yard
that bore that name into modern times.

William Bryk

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I enjoyed your talk at Naperville. I'm not a GN expert, but I found on an
old map of the Twin Cities a GN yard (near Hamline University) called
"Hamline Transfer". There is a Koppers Coke, and some other unlabeled
trackage on the map just south and a little west of the NP's Como Shops.

There is also a GN Engineer's contract here: that says "Transfer
assignments, as now constituted, include such service between the

Saint Paul: Between Como Yard or points East of Como Yard and Hamline, W.
E. Shop Yard, Koppers Coke, or Fair Grounds, or points West thereof."
these points are all in very close proximity, I would believe that the WFE
cars weighed at Hamlin(e) are being weighed in this vicinity.

Michael Mang

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Many questions arose during my presention on the FGE/WFE/BRE fleet
about where the heck is Hamlin, Minnesota. In exploring the documents
I copied just a few days earlier in Saint Paul, Hamlin was actually
the name of the Western Fruit shops in Saint Paul. Hopefully many of
you in attendence are also on this list. If the Dick brothers are not
on this list, can someone pass this info on to them.

Bill Welch

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