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Is it possible that the e was inadvertently dropped in some reference to the re-weigh station that Bill mentioned? Hamline University, or College during the heyday of the WFE, was a well know local landmark and institution and it would seem odd that the railroad would get the spelling wrong.

Has anybody had the time to check with the folks at the Great Northern Historical Society to perhaps get some more accurate data? But the original supposition that Hamline was a non-existent town in Minnesota has been proved inaccurate, whether or not it was the site of the aforesaid re-weigh station is the open question.

John S.

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My hypothesis remains that the proximity of the WFE car shops to HamlineTransfer yard, in bustling St. Paul, Minnesota, gives the name of there-weight station Bill described in his presentation. I believe this to moreprobable than decidedly bucolic Hamlin. Bill showed numerous photos or carsre-weighed at Hamlin(e), again suggesting that this was a busier thanaverage place.Michael Mang-----Original Message-----From: STMFC@... [mailto:STMFC@...] On Behalf Of JohnStokesSent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 1:06 PMTo: stmfc@...: RE: [STMFC] The location of the mysterious Hamlin, MinnesotaFrom the information on Wikipedia and other sites in a Google search, Hamlinwas obviously larger at one time. It is in the Southwest part of Minnesotaon the border, and Madison, Minnesota is the main town and county seat. Idid not find out whether this is on the main line of the Great Northern,however. Nevertheless, it is a real town and still existed in 2000, and fromsome indications still does, but times have changed as we all know.John STo: STMFC@yahoogroups. <mailto:STMFC%40yahoogroups.comFrom> comFrom:thompson@signaturep <mailto:thompson%40signaturepress.comDate> ress.comDate:Thu, 1 Nov 2007 10:32:41 -0700Subject: Re: [STMFC] The location of themysterious Hamlin, MinnesotaWilliam Bryk wrote:> Given Minnesota's enthusiastic support for the wareffort, it stands > to reason that some settlement may have named itself forhim before it > faded into obscurity. I don't think there's a relationshipbetween > Hamlin and Hamline.But to have WFE shops and a reweigh location ata hamlet of 185 persons beggars belief.Tony Thompson Editor, SignaturePress, Berkeley, CA2906 Forest Ave., Berkeley, CA 540-6538; fax, (510) 540-1937; e-mail,thompson@signaturep <mailto:thompson%40signaturepress.comPublishers>ress.comPublishers of books on railroad history

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