Re: The location of the mysterious Hamlin, Minnesota


Topo maps ( don't show Hamlin, Lac qui Parle County, as
a station on any railroad: the nearest is the M&StL line from
Winthrop (Minn.) to Watertown (S.Dak.) and points west, which passes
through Dawson. The August 1936 Official Guide doesn't show Hamlin
either. It *does* show Hamline Transfer as a station on the GN; since
we're looking for a WFEX shop, I'll put my money there.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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That appears to be correct. Further research via the internet
reveals that there is a Hamlin-Midway Neighborhood on St. Paul's
South East side, near the major streets of Wabash and Kellogg, near
the River. There is also a Hamlin (no e) Street in the vicinity. So
the probability is that this ares was the location of the shops in

John S.

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From what I can find out Madison was located on the M&StL not the
GN. Didn'tsomeone say the "Hamlin shop" was in South St Paul?---------
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<ggstokes@...>> From the information on Wikipedia and other sites in
a Google search, Hamlin was > obviously larger at one time. It is in
the Southwest part of Minnesota on the > border, and Madison,
Minnesota is the main town and county seat. I did not find > out
whether this is on the main line of the Great Northern, however. >
Nevertheless, it is a real town and still existed in 2000, and from
some > indications still does, but times have changed as we all
know.> > John S> > To: STMFC@...: thompson@...: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 >
10:32:41 -0700Subject: Re: [STMFC] The location of the mysterious
Hamlin, > Minnesota> > William Bryk wrote:> Given Minnesota's
enthusiastic support for the war effort, > it stands > to reason that
some settlement may have named itself for him before > it > faded
into obscurity. I don't think there's a relationship between > Hamlin
and Hamline.But to have WFE shops and a reweigh location at a
hamlet of 185 > persons beggars belief.Tony Thompson

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