Re: The location of the mysterious Hamlin, Minnesota

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Topo maps ( don't show Hamlin, Lac qui Parle County, as
a station on any railroad: the nearest is the M&StL line from
Winthrop (Minn.) to Watertown (S.Dak.) and points west, which passes
through Dawson. The August 1936 Official Guide doesn't show Hamlin
either. It *does* show Hamline Transfer as a station on the GN; since
we're looking for a WFEX shop, I'll put my money there.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.
Actually, we're looking for the scale where the WFEX shop re-weighed
their cars. It very likely didn't have the same place name as the
shop, but rather was named for the GN station it was located at.

Very similar to Soo Line cars repaired at Shoreham, also in
Minneapolis; those cars were all stenciled WS, for West Shoreham, the
name in the time table of the location where the scale actually was.


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