Re: Brake Hoses Redux.

James Eckman

Posted by: "Rob Kirkham"
Unfortunately, the water dunk was counter productive. In metals work, once
its red hot you want it to cool slowly - fast cooling only hardens it up
Sorry, this is not true for brass. The only way it hardens is by work hardening, i.e. compressing it in some fashion. Jewelers often plunge wire that has just been heated for annealing into pickle baths. See a books such as "The Complete Metalsmith" by Tim McCreight or possibly
"Practical Casting, a Studio Reference" by Tim McCreight. Filled with lots of information on manipulating small metal bits! Including low tech photo-etching, soldering, bending, the works.

Some of the little jeweler tricks may spark some ideas for sturdier brake hose mountings. These are cheap books and often available used.

Jim Eckman

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