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Philip Lord <plord@...>

Hi List Members,

I think I was on this list a while back when I started my layout, but found most of the discussion was too detailed for where I was at that point, so took a "leave of absence". Since then I finished my layout, which is a prototype area on the LVRR set in the year 1945. And now I am taking the collection of freight cars I collected at train shows, on Ebay, as gifts (not sure I ever purchased a new car in the box yet....), and some of these are in need of lots of time in the shops before they are ready to run.

All I was concerned with as I collected these cars was if the built date was pre-1944 and the railroad would have cars that would have shown up in New York State at the end of WWII.

So now I am more focused on weathering these cars, getting good wheel sets on them and making sure the couplers work. Most of the cars came with some sort of Bettendorf-type trucks (journal boxes and two springs).

One of the cars (and I am ashamed to admit that in my unorganized workshop the trucks got separated from the car they came on, so could have been a 40' boxcar or a 50' gondola) came with trucks that are roller bearing with three springs. I poked around for an online typology of trucks, and had one on my PC that someone had pointed me to last year, but lost it in the effort to clean out my hard drive. But I could not answer this basic question: Would this truck have been seen in 1945? My impression is that these trucks came in significantly later.

So hello again to all, and pardon me asking such basic questions.

Phil Lord, Jr.
Averill Park, NY
RR project website: http://home.att.net/~p_lord2/newwoodstock2.html

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