Re: NYC P&LE 6 axle flat car

Jeff English

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I want to build a model in HO scale of the flat car shown in the

Have some of you a photo of that car?


I don't have any photos of these cars, but I can provide a little
more information. The page at your link is "F-7" from an NYC
Classification Book, and the correspondiong data appears on page "F-
8", as follows:

Lot "Class R-1", P&LE 6885 - 6889, blt 1911 by P&LE at McKees Rocks
Lot L.S.108, NYC 499015 - 499019, blt 1907 by LS&MS at Collinwood

Maybe this information will help somebody else be able to tell if
they have a photo of one of these cars.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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