Re: Tank car placards

Tim O'Connor


I think Pecos River Brass and Division Point imported several
classes of Santa Fe tank cars. I don't know if Tk-L was one of
them but you might want to try to find out what they imported.
(One PRB import was a Tk-J and that has a bizarre underframe.)

Tim O'Connor

Santa Fe class Tk-L tank cars, 100 of which were built
in 1930 by General American. Those cars were hugh by the standards of
their day with a capacity of 16,200 gals. and 70 tons, as well as a
unique one piece cast steel underframe and tank bottom sheet.<

This car is a particular favorite of mine and I sure wish someone would
make one. As it's a very unique car and ATSF only I doubt anyone will.

Jon Miller

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