Re: Tank car placards

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 4, 2007, at 7:50 AM, Jon Miller wrote:

The Tk-L was for home use only and never left the ATSF rails. I would
guess all/most all tanks that were lettered for a RR would be for
use and would never leave that RRs rails.
Largely true, but not entirely. Santa Fe tank cars were part of the
national pool of cars used to transport oil from the mid-continent
fields to the east coast during WW II, before the "big inch" and
"little inch" pipelines were completed. There is some evidence that
Santa Fe tank cars occasionally went off-line at other times, as well.
However, the railroad purchased them for company fuel oil and water
service and they were seldom used for anything else. That was also
true of most other railroad-owned tank cars, though, again, there were
exceptions. UP had some tank cars in dedicated acid service. And, as
Tony Thompson keeps pointing out, some Southern Pacific tank cars were
used in revenue service, e.g. the cars with the diamond-S stencils on
the domes which were equipped for (though not always used in) liquid
sugar service and the O-50-12 class cars (as well as some cars of other
classes) which were painted Colonial Yellow and assigned to haul

Still, there's every reason to suppose that a Santa Fe tank car would
never have turned up anywhere near the Atlantic coast.

Richard Hendrickson

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