Re: True Line Trains HO Scale Canadian Prewar AAR Boxcars

Tim O'Connor

Ben, I've uploaded photos of two cars John Riddell brought to the
RPM meet in Connecticut last June. Note the TRUCKS -- those are the
only plastic spring-plank AAR trucks out there other than Accurail's
and they are 50 ton and a different style. I wish TLT would sell the
trucks separately!

Tim O'Connor

Ben Hom wrote:

Has anyone gotten a good look at these models? The photo with the review on page 100 of the
November 2007 issue of Model Railroader "postage stamps" the models; the Hobbycraft website has
about the worst search engine I've seen (it is exceptionally non- selective in the number of
hits it returns). At first glance, the details look a bit heavy, and I don't like the standoff
of the ladders. The list price of the models is $44.20, and I'm looking for a second opinion
before I set aside my kitbashing projects for these cars and invest in these new models;
however, I'm loathe to spend that much money on models I'll have to rework.



The Canadian Model Trains site has better iages. Just scroll down a bit at their home page and
there are four links to take you to bigger images.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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