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From the 50's right up to the present day a number of roads, including the
CB&Q, sent all their used crankcase oil to a company called "Motor Oils
Refining" located in McCook IL on the C&IW. With all the industries to
the West of it long gone it has become the end of track for the C&IW but
they still go out there. I do not know when that company was founded.

As you can imagine the cars that were kept at diesel facilites to load used
crankcase oil were even a few steps below what was used for diesel fuel.
Overage, solid bearings, in the steam era possibly still "K" brakes. Don't
think that any cars would be turned away from that move. I'm sure in
other parts of the country there were similar companies that provided the
same type of recycling service. Motor oil is too valuable to be just
discarded even if you had a legal way to dispose of it.

After 1960 the FW&D and CB&Q did buy some tanks for cottonseed oil
loading. That traffic did not turn out to be as desirable as the Marketing
people had predicted so they gradually drifted into diesel fuel service.

I do not know if any older FW&D tanks had been used in that service.
Since their older tanks dated back to the teens and twenties I would
doubt it but anything is possible.


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>This tank car of mine was lettered for A.T. & S.F. and when my brother (who
>drives and mechanics on a 1:1 scale rr) told me such a car would never
>appear on the LVRR in New York in the 1940s.<

The Tk-L was for home use only and never left the ATSF rails. I would
guess all/most all tanks that were lettered for a RR would be for company
use and would never leave that RRs rails.
But remember the rules, never say never<VBG>!

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