Re: Decals for N&W Roundroof Boxcar from W&R Imports?

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Jason (?) asked:
"I have a 40' roundroof doubledoor boxcar from W&R Imports in HO
and I would like to decorate it for the N&W in a 1942 scheme. Does
anyone make decals for this car and what color would be best to paint
the car?"

Model Railroad Supply MRS 260-13, available from the N&W Historical
Society commissary does the single door Class B-1 boxcars, but can
be used for the Class B-2 automobile boxcars. You will need to
change the car class and improvise the automobile rack markings, but
this set will get you most of the way.

See post #65166 in the list archives for Jim Brewer's suggestions on

One final warning - if your model has an inset roof, STOP. All of
N&W's roundroof boxcars had the later flush roof design.

Ben Hom

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