Re: Proto-West 70ton flat car kits

Larry Wolohon

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There were a few reports posted on this list a while back of slow
delivery in response to orders of these resin kits for 70-ton
AAR-design 52ft 6in flat cars.

Have the delivery delays been cleared up? And can anyone who's got
one in hand or built one up perhaps share a brief report? I'm
thinking of placing an order...Thnx,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT
I have almost finished building the the 2 cars(2 cars/set) that I
bought last summer @ the National Train show in Detroit. They are
ready to be decalled. They are nice models, the body castings are
very nice. The cars match the plans I found in 1943 Car Builders
Cyclopedia, reprinted by Newton Gregg, Train Shed Cyclopedia #17.
They go together well. The biggest issue is adding weight, which I am
going to do putting in the loads that I mount on these cars. They
look a whole lot better after they have been painted.

I noticed in their website that they are advertsing the D&RGW
cabooses as being available, which they were showing as an upcoming
model a couple of months ago, so they (ProtoWest) must be active.

Larry W.

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