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Guys have you never heard a domestic Trash can get called an Ash can? In the UK ash (which was really a mix of ash and cinders) from domestic fires was put in the trash. A difference in disposal habits might arise because rubbish removal is paid for by local taxes in the UK whereas I believe rubbish removal is by contract in the US, So British householders had little incentive not to put ash in the bin. If you were a keen gardener you might sieve the ash and dig it into the soil to lighten the soil, cinders could be used for paths of very light foundation for paving slabs etc. In Winter it was excellent for putting on Ice and snow, especially if it was still hot. When the snow melted you got a lot of crud on the path and drive but when it dried out it blew away to wherever dust goes. I know of a huge area ( 4 or 5 acres) where a there is a heap of ash from locomotive depots to a depth of over twenty feet. the railway built a small spur out from an raised area and just kept dumping Ash and cinders. Quite probably the area was used as a dump for over a century, hence it's size. If Loco ashes were put into freight cars with wood sides and floors you occasionally set fire to the car, Steel sided cars just distorted. The ashes could hold their heat for days, if they were in a dense heap.
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My uncle used to dump loads of it in his driveway in Maine every couple of years, back in the 50s. It was free and kept the dirt down.

Steve Bishop

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Intriguing question. Given the amount of ash and clinker in my back
yard and my neighbours, it would certainly seem that alot of it was
buried in the yards.
Pierre Oliver

> How was ash from burning coal discarded?
> I know railroads used it as fill. Was ash collected from homeowners
> anything but the dump? If so, how was it shipped? The ash I'm
> accustomed to (from charcoal) would blow all over.
> Ed

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