Re: ash

Charlie Vlk

The area around the Field Museum on Chicago's lakefront is largely fill brought up from the
Chicago Tunnel System (an extensive narrow gauge electric network that ran under most of
the downtown area, connecting the Post Office, RR freight stations, stores, and many buildings).
Besides delivery of coal and packages, etc.., one of the major uses of the system was removal
of ash and cinders from served buildings. There was a track to the surface in the area of
Soldier Field / Field Museum for dumping of the ashes/cinders. An electric motor and several cars
were left in the basement of the Field Museum when operations ceased and they were recently
donated to the Illinois Railway Museum.
Charlie Vlk

....and in the US garbage removal, water, sewer, etc.. used to be provided as part of local taxes until somebody
figured out you could outsource them to political donators and charge taxpayers extra for them while
not proportionately reducing the tax payments. We used to call garbage cans "ash cans" as well....

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