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Jim & Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

Frank, 3.2 & 35.8 were discontinued by Sunshine. You'll have to watch for
them on eBay. As far as I know, 40.18 was listed but never released. If
anyone knows otherwise please let me know. 55.6 & 55,7 are still available
directly from Sunshine.

Jim Hayes

Portland Oregon


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Subject: [STMFC] Looking for some kits

If anybody has for sale or knows where I might find these, please let me
know. I'm looking for 3.2 (C&WC 800 srs rebuild), 35.8 (C&WC 36' box),
40.18 (GM&O 35200 srs box with the Rebel Route slogan) and either 55.6 or
55.7 - it's one of these last two which would be my first priority.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC


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