Re: All Caps (Telegraphy)

Tom Gloger

--- tim gilbert <> wrote:
If I remember correctly COMMA there were no punctuation marks in
teletypes SEMICOLON hence COMMA the use of Stop and End STOP
I notice Mont uses punctuation marks STOP Prototypical QUESTION
Teletype(tm) printers had punctuation, even the 5-level code ones.
I'm not sure what the telegraph companies used to make the tapes.

But to be prototypical, Mont needs to set his modem to somewhere
around 65 baud. If you can't count the characters as they arrive
Mont, it's going too fast, turn it down. :-)

- Tom "NO PRICE TOO HIGH*" Gloger

* Ever heard that story? A woman on vacation telegraphs her husband
for permission to buy an expensive item she found. He intends to
telegraph back "No. Price too high." But without punctuation...

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